Siyutao Ren family's 100% pure DaHongPao from HuangLong mine 4 DingShu Town Yixing - SiYuTao Teapot

Siyutao Ren family's 100% pure DaHongPao from HuangLong mine 4 DingShu Town Yixing

We continue our series on Yixing zisha clay, by looking at  DaHongPao, a kind of special top zhu ni.

What is DaHongPao clay?

DaHongPao is one of the most well-known kinds of zhu ni. It was originally mined from the now-closed HuangLong mines in Huang Long Shan 黄龙山 DingShu Town and is found when mining other zhu ni(Between the bai ni layers in the shallow Huangshi interlayer). The ore of dahongpao is easily identified by color,  referred to as “top red”. 

What is 100% pure DaHongPao clay?

When dahongpao is mined, it is mixed with zhu ni ore, which can not be classified by machine and is costly to classify manually. Therefore, the general market dahongpao contains a large number of zhu ni ingredients. However, the 100% pure Dahongpao  is sorted manually, using only pure DAHONGPAO ore, so it is  redder and close to 100% pure.

the ore of dahongpao mixed with zhu ni

the pure dahongpao ore

 Yixing teapot made of 100% pure DaHongPao

Why is Siyutao Ren family's  100% pure DaHongPao clay so special?

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Siyutao Ren family's  100% True Pure DaHongPao which you can truly and finally own.

DaHongPao ore is scarce, expensive and not available on the open market now.

It is a point of pride that Siyutao Ren’s ancestors began to build ore warehouses and clay cellar in the 1880s and maintain a tradition of storing high-quality ore and clay.

Every generation of Siyutao workshop leaders have inherited this tradition.

These precious minerals and clay are undoubtedly one of the treasures of our ancestors for future generations.

The DaHongPao teapot of Siyutao is not only 100% pure , but also masterpieces.These works of art deserve to be owned by you.