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Yixing teapot Xi Shi 155ml Gu Fa Lian ni (Most Archaic Clay Forming) authentic Yixing Lao Zi Ni clay and aged 16 years full handmade

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尺寸: 155ml
材料: Lao Zi Ni
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Name: Xi Shi 


Filter: half ball 7 holes

Material: authentic yixing zisha (purple sand) Lao Zi ni clay aged 16 years 

(Kept in the cellar for 15years)

Full handmade

Gu Fa Lian ni (Most Archaic Clay Forming)

Clay was made in ancient ways

We used stone grinding to make clay, adding only pure water throughout the process without adding any chemical composition. All clay-making techniques are ancient.

This is a special Xi Shi, has a lot of personality, suitable for daily tea making.

A Craftsman’s signature certificate is provided

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