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Siyutao Teapot, Good luck, Authentic Yixing Zisha DiCaoQing,Excellent Clay,195ml,Full Handmade,Aged 42years

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Size: 195ml
Material: DiCaoQing from HuangLong mine 4
age of clay: 42 years
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This is an excellent full handmade teapot with excellent yixing zisha DiCaoQing clay. It was fired in high Temperature kiln.

Name: Good luck


Clay:excellent and authentic yixing zisha DiCaoQing from HuangLong mine 4

Full handmade

Full handcraved


Siyutao used the finest, authentic DiCaoQing clay from HuangLong Mine No. 4 and picked out the best bits from a pile of ore.


This DiCaoQing clay has been kept in the cellar for at least 42 years.

After more than forty years, the quality of the clay has become stunning excellent.


Gu fa lian ni 古法炼泥 most Archaic clay forming

In the process of making clay, we only add pure water, do not add any chemical composition. We use the most traditional stone mill to grind ore particles into clay(click to know more).


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