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Qing Xiang (清香) Yixing Teapot 110ml Gu Fa Lian Ni (Most Archaic Clay Forming) Lao Duan Ni clay full handmade by artist Ren Wei

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尺寸: 110ml
材料: Lao Duan Ni
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Name: Qing Xiang (清香) (清香 means the lotus is full of fragrance)


Filter: Half ball 7 holes Excellent water flow

Material: Authentic Yixing purple sand Lao Duan Ni clay

Clay was made in ancient ways

(Gu fa lian ni 古法炼泥 most Archaic clay forming)

Full handmade

The purple sand ore was mined in the 1980S and stored in the Ren family's ore warehouse. In 2000, Rén's chief took some of the ore and let the family clay workshop make some clay. The clay was then stored in a cellar, where it had been stale for more than 20 years. The clay wasn't used until the 2021 spring that the clay was taken out and made into this teapot.

Provide a significant credit of the artist RenWei 任伟.

Ren Wei is China‘s national assistant artist, a creative artist.

She is the Apprentice of National Grand Master of The Arts  Ge Jun 葛军 and has been famous for many years.

Ren wei and National Grand Master of The Arts GeJun

RenWei (left) and GeJun (right)

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