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Siyutao teapot the Gentleman full handcrafted 150ml yixing teapot

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Size: 150ml
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Experience the true essence of traditional Chinese tea brewing with our Siyutao teapot, crafted with 150ml of yixing zisha lao duan ni. This special and rare lao luan di material enhances the flavor and aroma of your tea, making each cup a gentleman's delight.

The name of the artwork: the Gentleman

Style:  simple line

Category:boutique teapot for tea 

Type of creation:Hand-crafted


Material:Special,breathable, handmade,lao duan ni from Siyutao workshop (There, clay was handmade in an ancient traditional way, and craftsmen used stone mills to grind high-quality ore particles. After a lot of complicated and long work, the best handmade clay was obtained.)Gu Fa Lian Ni Then the clay was kept in the cellar for 19 years, made it be excellent

This is a magnified photo of the particles of the extremely fine authentic yixing purple clay (zisha lao duan ni from siyutao workshop)

Water flow test : excellent

In pursuit of real beauty, the Siyutao art gallery only uses natural original cameras to take photos, and does not use fake photos that have been retouched and beautified.

Each piece comes with a single set of photos, and the one you see is the one you'll get.

Each piece of artwork has a unique number that appears on the certificate. The certificate can not be copied or repeatedly requested. Please keep the art certificate carefully.

The fee includes the teapot certificate issued by the Siyutao Art Gallery and the artist.

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