To tell whether a teapot is a Handmade Yixing purple sand clay teapot手工宜兴紫砂壶, or is a Jigger-machined non-Yixing ceramic clay pot 机车非紫砂壶.

We need to observe the teapot and then depend on the combination of many factors:

1.the shape 形体 of the teapot. Does it look coherent, do the lines point to a lazy worker from factory line working fast to churn out many jigger-machined pots. Does the spout look correct? Do they give you goose-pimples?Many of the jigger-machined pots and many DaiGong pots that cost $5,000, look "stiff" and lacking the naturality, lacking aesthetic feeling of art.

A Handmade Yixing teapot crafted by a Great Craftsman and Artist has artistic beauty and make your visual comfort.

In order to tell the fakes-pretenders vs the auehentic, legitimate, elegant and proper Yixing teapot Works, one does need a lot of practice, looking and looking and looking at proper Yixing teapots from respectable Craftsmen and Artists.

You can always trust in our experience and our professional vision.

Remember that some of L1 and L2 Senior Artists now are already engaged in the dishonest DaiGong industry (the pots with their stamps are not made by them but by lesser skilled workers). Do spend your time looking at Proper, honest, top Craftsmen and Artists' works here at all our sections.

2.the inner-wall,The patterns, the "fluffiness", and how they look and behave in straight and curved inner walls after firing. Does the inner-wall too smooth to the touch? The inner-wall of handmade Yixing teapots are usually not smooth.

3.the weight of the teapot. More often than not, jigger-machined pots weight heavier: they are denser! Jigger-machining entails the use of clays (pastey cheap clays that are non-Yixing clay or, mixed with some poor quality Yixing clay) that can be jigger-machined. Jigger-machined pots are denser. YiXing purple sand clay teapots can only be slab-built, they are relatively unyielding and hard, and brittle/crumbly. Handmade Yixing teapots  are the most difficult craftsmanship to work on in the world too.

4.the feel. A Yixing purple sand teapot can be nurtured with use and tea steepings, and after time: with the definite formation of a beautiful PATINA  that is totally un-imitable. Our friends here have reached tremendous levels of Patina FORMATION even with our $200 pots from Craftsman. Rest assured. These trusted Craftsmen utilise superb quality Yixing purple sand clays, not just Yixing purple sand clay.  Months after purchase and usage, our cunstomers found the patina formed are amazing: The patina looks shiny and moist but the teapots do not feel oily at all!: This is the Star quality of yixing purple sand teapots. Non-yixing purple sand clay teapots, even after ten years of use, will look and feel dry.

Many other less important parameters which can be found in our Tiktok. Thank you dearest Friends.