The brand story of Siyutao - SiYuTao Teapot

The brand story of Siyutao

SiYuTao has a history of 143 years

Our brand story

Began in 1880,

redefining the art of tea-drinking.

We collect classic raw Yixing clay minerals, discover talented ceramic artists,
and adhere to the ancient handmade craftsmanship of Yixing clay teapots.
SiyuTao has always been devoted to innovative design and strict quality control of Yixing clay teapots.
Despite the changes that have occurred over three centuries,
our philosophy remains unchanged: to provide highly valuable art collections of Yixing clay teapots for seasoned collectors.

In 1880

It originated from a family workshop owned by the Ren family.

This workshop specialized in crafting Yixing clay teapots and was located in Yixing, China.

In that year, SiyuTao successfully developed exquisite handle teapots that catered to the needs of the literati class.


In 1885

SiyuTao has always emphasized the quality of raw Yixing clay minerals.

We began to continuously collect unique Yixing raw mineral ore,

and established our own Yixing clay workshop and raw Yixing clay minerals warehouse.

Through studying the rich color variations produced from different proportions of Yixing clay from different ore mines.


In 1890

With ancient and secretive clay formulation and techniques.

The unique and secretive raw ore Yixing clay material production formula of SiyuTao 古法炼泥(click to know more)was formed,

Using different ratios of raw ore Yixing clay minerals,

Developed over a dozen colors such as Cold Golden Yellow (Golden Section Clay), Begonia Red (Zhu Ni Da Hong Pao), Tender Pear (Ben Shan Lv Ni)...


In 1970

Ren Hongxi(click to know more), the grandson of the brand's founder, extracted two Chinese characters from the cosmos (宇宙) and Yixing clay pottery(紫砂陶),

forming the brand name(思宇陶) "SiyuTao," which has been inherited to this day.


In 1980

We celebrated the 100th anniversary of SiyuTao,
reflecting on the history of SiyuTao Yixing clay teapots over the past century.

We welcomed a special moment commemorating the 100th year of SiyuTao's birth.


In 1990

Master Ren Hongxi developed the most suitable Yixing teapot for each type of tea based on their characteristics.


In 1997

A new era of transformation unfolded for SiyuTao.

Master Ren Hongxi revolutionized the traditional business model,

not only by cultivating our own ceramic artists,

 but also by collaborating with emerging talents,

infusing SiyuTao with a vibrant contemporary vitality.


In 2000

Ms. Ren Wei 任伟(click to know more), the daughter of Master Ren Hongxi, became the fourth-generation leader of SiyuTao.

Under her leadership, the brand adopted the English name "Siyutao".


In 2003

Siyutao continuously improved its patented designs to keep up with the times.


In 2013

SiyuTao established partnerships with over a hundred emerging ceramic artists and renowned masters in the field of ceramic art.



In 2023

After more than 140 years, Siyutao continues to evolve with new brand characteristics.
SiyuTao showcases the fusion of ancient art and modern life,
with a new combination of letter patterns that evoke the gentle beauty of ancient China.
The new logo, SiyuTao pays homage to the past while also looking towards the future.



 From discovering artistic rising stars in every era to witnessing their journey to becoming masters,
the SiyuTao Yixing Teapot Art Gallery has been dedicated to nurturing artists, collecting, and selling exceptional Yixing clay teapot works by outstanding artists of each era for over a hundred years.

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