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Siyutao Yixing Teapot ,Good harvest,wood fired in dragon kiln ,180ml,full handmade,Authentic Yixing Ben shan Lv Ni from Huang long mine 4 &aged 35 years,Gu Fa Lian ni (Most Archaic Clay Forming),(only one piece)

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Size: 180ml
Material: 100% pure Ben shan lv ni & aged 35 yeras
kiln: wood fired in dragon kiln
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This is an amazing collection. After wood fired in the Dragon kiln, it shows amazing beauty.


Name:Good harvest


Clay:Excellent Yixing zisha 100% pure Ben Shan Lv Ni clay and aged 35 years

(This Yixing Ben Shan Lv Ni come from Huanglong mine 4 and was kept in the cellar for at least 34 years)

100% pure Ben Shan Lv Ni Clay is very rare and precious.

Gu Fa Lian ni (Most Archaic Clay Forming)

In the process of making clay, Siyutao only add pure water, do not add any chemical composition. Siyutao use the most traditional stone mill to grind ore particles into clay.


A good harvest symbolizes prosperity.

Full handmade 

Full handpainting (The artist painted with zisha clay)

This is a superb art of painting.

The image was fired in the kiln and will not peel or fade.

This is an amazing collection. After wood fired in the Dragon kiln, it shows amazing beauty.


The dragon kiln has been working since the Ming dynasty(year 1360s).

It is one of the oldest kilns in the world.

(the photo of dragon kiln)

The permeability of teapots after firewood burning in Dragon kiln was better. Teapots also had simple and steady color.


This teapot is a one-of-a-kind art piece, and it is impossible for us to repeat its amazing beauty.


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